RED Winches Event: Stampede 2021
Tiverton, Devon, Location: EX16 7DX

What 3 Words:

Rotation | Plastic | Removable

The event is now full and the reserve list is frozen, please email if you would like to ask any questions regarding the event

Keep looking on the RED Winch Facebook page for additional information. those who are entered are part of a group chat on Facebook Messenger 


Date: Saturday 3rd  – Sunday 4th July 2021

RED Winches is proud and very pleased after the year we have all had to hold the Winch Challenge Stampede event again for 2021, at the amazing Uplowman site, near Tiverton.

The 2021 event is a single truck event, and the object of the event is for the driver / Co-Driver to locate and get as many punches on route and in as many sections along the route over the whole weekend.

The event route is a one way system, and will take you all around the site and be called “The Lap”, each lap we are estimating will be around 5 miles long. Along the Lap to each side of it will be challenge sections / areas, designed and set out by the RED Winch team. There will be technical driving, winching and Skills needed within the sections

For all involved it will mean a lot of seat time in your trucks, giving you space and time to enjoy being in your trucks once again.

As with previous events, this event will keep you moving all weekend in your trucks… be prepared for a full weekend of off-roading. The course will be designed not to create bottle necks and allow the trucks to keep on challenging all weekend, which should mean there is always something to do or a section to head into.

Same control format that everybody has enjoyed in the past From Red Winches, return to HQ once completed each lap is completed, you will be given your next punch card for the next lap….one way system around site means everybody keeps moving.

We are putting lots of effort in to make it an event you will all be glad to return too and enjoy. Great trophies up for grabs…

Event rules, tech regs  will be available shortly.

NORA rules will apply, under non-speed challenge event, and these will are published and updated regularly on their website:

Resource Centre

Trucks will be scrutineered and must pass before being allowed to compete.

Class 1 (Modified)

Class with no restrictions on traction aids or winches but must be in line with NORA technical rules for  challenge vehicles. Measured tyre sizes 36” and above, if your tyre size measures 35.5” you will be rounded up into Class 1. Portals allowed, any tyre size as long as they are 36” or above. If you do not have a vehicle based OEM chassis but have 36″ wheels or less you are in this classs. 4 Wheel Steer allowed. No ground anchor allowed. Single Seat vehicles allowed. Hydro steer allowed

Class 2 (Standard)

Vehicle based chassis (not tubular or custom frame), lockers allowed on both axles, maximum number of winches fitted to the vehicle will be two. Measured tyre sizes 35” and below, if your tyre size measures 35.4” you will be rounded down into Class 2. No Portals allowed, No 4 wheel steer allowed, Ground anchor allowed, Single seat vehicles not allowed. Hydro steer not allowed.

Food & Camping

Camping and site access is allowed from 1pm on the Friday, until 6:30pm on the Sunday.

We will offer substantial day bags each day for competitors and Marshals, that will contain food and drink. We suggest you bring your own food for evening meals and means of cooking it. Or use local facilities 5mins from the site. This is in respect of the fact we would have not long come out of lockdown and respect peoples thoughts still on social distancing and forming into large groups.

Quick Basic Summary:

Site open from 1pm Friday 2nd  July.

Scrutineering can take place from 3pm Friday 2nd until 8:00am Saturday morning.

Site closes 6:30pm Sunday Evening, everybody must be offsite by this time

Saturday – Event Start

Run Time: 9:00am – 6:30pm

Latest time you can start a new lap is 5:00pm

Lap / Route / Special Sections

Punch Hunt Area


Run Time: 9:00am – 3:00pm

Latest time you can start a new lap is 1:30pm

Lap / Route / Special Sections (in Reverse)

Punch Hunt Area