Winch Control

Traditionally winches were controlled by either a 2 way rocker switch on your dash inside the car, or by a plug-in handheld pendant. The Pendant usually being plugged into the control box of the winch or a separate better placed socket on the outside of your vehicle.

These two options still exist, and can be found below. They offer direct hard wired solutions to control your winch.

We then have the more modern way to control your winch, with a wireless connection. This involves fitting a receiver, normally a rectangular box, into your vehicle and using a wireless transmitter in your hand to control the winch. Very much like the remote control on your TV.

If you’d like to read more about the pro’s and con’s of the different winch control options click here to read our article.

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  • Lodar 92206K-3

  • Lodar 92206-3

  • Lodar 92204K-3

  • Lodar 92204-3

  • Basic
    Wireless System

  • Winch
    Control Switch

  • Freespool
    Control Switch

  • Isolator
    Control Switch

  • Air Toggle Switch

  • AirTac Solenoid Valve
    12V DC

  • AirTac Solenoid Valve
    24V DC

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