Albright Contactors

Winch Motors, they are not all the same… Your winch motors can go in either direction. Clockwise or anticlockwise. What controls this direction is what’s called a motor reversing contactor. It’s in the form of a solenoid activated set of contacts, that switch the voltage in the fields of the motor.

In the winching world, these are often referred to as ‘Motor Solenoids’ or the brand name is used ‘Motor Albright’.

RED winches do use Albright contactors on their winches, they come in a several different designs, but most common base codes / designs are DC88 and DC182P. Stud patterns on top can change and are specific to the code after the base code. Most are IP66 or IP67, ideal for winching applications.

Albright have a fantastic history with 70+ years experience designing and manufacturing their own contactor product ranges. They remain a privately owned company, with the 3rd generation at the helm and have built a reputation for innovative and original designs and excellent standards of manufacture. They continue to deliver high quality, reliable and innovative contactors.

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  • Ultimate Motor Solenoid (DC182P)

  • Competition Motor Solenoid (DC88P)

  • Winch Isolator Solenoid (SU280-1066P)

  • Changeover Contactor (SW201-362M)

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