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Winch Motors, they are not all the same…

This motor was developed and designed by RED Winches from the needs and wants of people into serious off-roading. Under real world testing it has proven to be an exceptionally powerful motor, staying faster and stronger for longer compared to the competition.

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RED Winches wants to challenge the accepted ‘Status Quo’ to share with others our love for design and passion for Engineering. It’s why we were not happy with the winch motors we were using several years ago.

They did not always perform well, nor give the performance people expected of a competition winch and motor setup. So we set ourselves a challenge to design a better motor, one that would be powerful, fast and be built to last.

This development happened mid 2016 and by late 2016 we had developed what we now call the OX motor.

It was sent out into the offroad community with a few carefully selected partners to be tested… and tested… and tested again! we knew its performance was good, we just didn’t know how the end user would abuse it and how long it would last being abused!!!

After 5 months of real life testing, the OX Motor passed our expectations and we launched it officially in the first quarter of 2017.

Since then it has been the power behind all our winches, proving time and time again, in all far corners of the world, how capable it is. From simple offroad events in the UK to the extremely demanding Rhino Charge in Africa or the bush lands of Australia.

This winch motor is the ultimate provider of power and speed for your winch.

Build features:
• Twin bearing setup (Front and Back)
• Heavy duty brush pack, for those that want to over-volt (24v on 12v Motor)
• Dedicated mounting holes on the rear of the motor end plate for your motor solenoid
• Flat rear cover, allowing mounting of the motor solenoid easier
• High quality, robust commutator and brush setup
• More efficient design allowing the electrical power you give it to be converted with less losses into winching power.

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