From humble beginnings, RED Winches has grown into a supplier of performance and industrial winches for the UK and rest of the world.

Our modern, fully equipped production facilities are a far cry from the small wooden office in which our first off-road winch was conceived and crafted. Today, RED Winches are an established name within the commercial, off-road and motorsport industries.

However, while we may have grown, we’ve never forgotten the values, customer focus and attention to detail that have made RED Winches the uncompromising products they are today.


The off-road competition winches we now produce were born from a requirement received for a high-performance hydraulic winch on a military vehicle.

In late 2008 we were approached by Supacat in Devon to solve a problem they had with self-recovery. In essence, it was the ability to winch from the front of their highly competent – and very successful – Jackal and Coyote vehicles. The brief required it to be small, powerful and fit within a specific space.

Testing with the MOD and Supacat was carried out over several months with several vehicles at Supacat’s secret test area in Somerset to show the capabilities of the winches, from a 200TDI Defender to a Coyote – Supacat’s six-wheel drive HMT600.

Designing the winches and building a winch to military specification (Mil Spec) isn’t just a case of grabbing an existing unit off the shelf. Everything has to be fit for purpose and this means precision machining and detailed, meticulous engineering design.


RED Winches then created more products based on the approach used with Supacat – with each unit having a family “resemblance”, so users will be able to recognise one and know how to use it. Our winches are designed to be used and abused but, equally, they won’t suffer if they’re left unused for months.

Hornet 2


RED Winches are British-built, with all components being made in-house. With design, manufacture and supply being dealt with under one roof, it means orders can be fulfilled efficiently. It also means we fully understand every element of our products.

RED Winches have now produced a range of hydraulic and electric winches to cater for any situation you would find yourself in or want to install on your vehicle. These are high performance, precision engineered winches and considered the best currently on the market (engineered to meet J706 standards).