Ultimate Motor Solenoid (DC182P)


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The Albright DC182 is a heavy duty sealed contactor the ultimate motor solenoid for competition use

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Bigger than anything that has gone before it, the DC182P series of extra heavy duty solenoids is the perfect match for competition winches with high current draw. With 50% more power handling capacity than it’s predecessors this is the solenoid to have if you are looking for ultimate reliability.

Available in 12v and 24v configuration and in LH and RH orientation on the terminals. This is a physically large unit but the perfect fit on the Red Winches Ox motor.

The Albright, heavy duty sealed contactor is an ideal upgrade for winch upgrades and competition use. In a small, water resistant package, the Albright solenoid can be located near the winch, or in the engine bay for ultimate reliability.

  • IP67 Sealed Case
  • Heavy Duty M8 Primary Connection Posts
  • Steel Mounting Bracket Pre Fitted For Easy Installation Into Your Control Box – Ox motor specific bracket available separately.
  • 12vDC models and 24vDC models can be ordered
  • M8 Male Connection Threads

If you are after an Albright solenoid that can handle more power then this is the one for you.

The control voltage selection is for the signal voltage that will be used / applied to the 3 spade terminals on the front of the Albright. The Albright power terminals on top can transmit 12v & 24v through them as standard. The main contact circuit, designed for motor reversing, has a built in failsafe, so that if both coils are energised simultaneously the circuit remains open.

The DC182P has double breaking main contacts with silver alloy contact tips, which are weld resistant, hard wearing and have excellent conductivity. M8 main stud terminals can be configured in a variety of ways in order to suit the application. Coil connections are by means of 6.3mm spades and mounting is via the supplied bracket and can be horizontal or vertical. When vertical the M8 contact studs should point upwards.

  • DC182-882 – 12v Left Hand
  • DC182-884 – 12v Right Hand
  • DC182- 883 – 24v Left Hand
  • DC182-885 – 24v Right hand

The DC182P motor reversing type of contactor has been designed for direct current loads, particularly motors as used on electric winches. The DC182P is a monobloc construction, resulting in a neat compact design which is compatible with modern electronic control systems. The DC182P is suitable for switching Resistive and Inductive loads and is sealed to IP67

OX motor Bus Bars, Ox motor Bus Bar covers and Ox motor mounting bracket are also available for the DC182P series of Albrights.

Please see wiring diagram as per image or download from this page, when connecting to winch motors

Heavy Duty Solenoid:

Can be ordered as LH or RH variant

Can be orderd as 12vDC or 24vDC


M8 Male Connection Threads

IP67 Rated

Do I need LH or RH?

Most winches were traditionally fitted with an Albright DC88 series motor solenoid. The layout of the DC88 series is known as Left Hand with the ‘B’ terminal positioned to the left when viewed from the spade terminal side.

If you are upgrading a Hornet2 to the DC182 solenoids we recommend using one LH and one RH DC182 and running the “looped” armature bus bars back between the motors to the ‘B’ terminal on the Albright.

For the COBRA1 we recommend the LH solenoid as this puts the armature bus bar to the rear of the winch.

For the COBRA2 we recommend the RH solenoid as this puts the armature bus bar to the rear of the winch.

For ATOM and ATOM2 if the solenoid is attached to the Ox motor we recommend the LH solenoid as this puts the armature bus bar to the rear of the winch.

Please note the DC182 will not fit in the control box of the Explorer/Explorer2 & NOMAD winches.

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