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The Recovery Ring

Our RED Winch “Recovery Rings” offer a strong, lightweight and safe alternative to the traditional metal snatch block.

The RR-30 is the next generation of our popular Snatch Ring and is ideal when heavier loads are in play. Independently tested the “Recovery Ring” boasts an impressive 30T Minimum breaking Strain with the rope running in a sheave that is set in bearings. The new “Recovery Ring” design isolates the soft shackle from any moving parts and the “stop blocks” prevent rotation of the main housing. With the soft shackle now isolated from any moving parts heat build up is prevented in the soft shackle and frictional losses are no more than a traditional design snatch bock with the added safety advantage that closed loop rigging provides.

The RR-30 is designed with a deep rope channel to prevent the rope falling free when the line is slack and with the best possible bend radiuses for both the static and dynamic lines.


Dynamic bend radius ratio:

  • 10mm (3/8”) Rope Dia. = 13.6 to 1
  • 12mm rope (1/2”) Rope Dia. = 11.3 to 1
  • 14mm rope (35/64”) Rope Dia. 9.7 to 1

Soft Shackle 

Static bend radius ratio:

  • 10mm (3/8”) Rope Dia. Soft Shackle = 5 to 1
  • 12mm (1/2”) Rope Dia. Soft Shackle = 4.2 to 1
  • 14mm (35/64”) Rope Dia. Soft Shackle 3.6 to 1

The Advantages

  • Lightweight – 3.2KG
  • Soft shackle isolated from moving parts.
  • All rigging is now in the closed loop format.
  • Large MBS (Minimum Breaking Strain) for the unit size – MBS 300KN – 30,590kg – 66,138lbs
  • Solid bearings for durability
  • Lighter and smaller than traditional snatch blocks with equivalent rating.
  • The Recovery Ring design means that all force loading on the material is in the compression plane as opposed to the sheer plane of the traditional snatch block.
  • Traditional snatch blocks with equivalent rating have a rope sheave suited to much larger wire rope diameters making them unsuitable for recovery work with synthetic winch line.

Many snatch blocks on the market are unsuitable for most of the common winch pulling capacities. A popular choice these days is a winch with a line pull around the 13,500lbs 6T range. So 6T x 2 = 12T MBS, then for good working practice add in a 2 to 1 safety factor and you need a MBS of 24T (53,000lbs) yet a lot of snatch blocks that are on the market are listed with a max capacity way below this figure and no information if that figure is the MBS of the WLL and what ratio of safety factor if any safety has been applied to this figure…

Sizes / Strength

Our “Recovery Rings” have gone through extensive independent testing.

  • Outer Diameter: 182mm,
  • Inner Diameter: 42mm
  • Rope Running Diameter: Max 14mm
  • Soft Shackle Rope Diameter: 14-20mm
  • Weight 3.2KG

This “Recovery Ring” is published and rated / certified to the figures above.


This product is not to be used with steel D-Shackles or Bow Shackles. Only Soft Shackles should be used





  • Pulley diameter 134mm
  • Rope size 9mm to 14mm
  • Max soft shackle size 20mm
  • MBS – 30T, 66,138lbs
  • Dimensions 182mm x 82.5mm (7 3/16” x 3 ¼”)
  • Weight 3.2kg
  • Greaseable? – not required.
  • All billet aluminium construction
  • Solid bearings
  • 10.9 Grade BZP Fasteners

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