Alternator – 12v (200A)


The ultimate 12v motorsport alternator.

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  • Alternator – 12v (200A)


The Ultimate Motorsport Alternator

Our 12v alternator can now provide your truck / buggy / vehicle with enough charging power for all your high performance winching needs.

This alternator supplies a 12v charge to your vehicle system up to 200A.

This alternator offers large case alternator performance in a compact package.


To prevent under or over speeding the alternator, always be sure to use the correct alternator pulley diameter is used in high RPM or racing applications.

Belt Slip

One of the most common problems effecting custom built vehicles is belt slip.

This 200 amp version may cause belt slip on vehicles with poor alternator pulley belt wrap, or with narrower than 6 groove serpentine drive belts on a 50mm pulley.

As high performance twin motor winches increase the amount of current required from the batteries / alternator, the strain against the alternator drive belt is also increased. Four (4) groove serpentine belt driven alternators may also experience belt slip so as mentioned a 6 groove belt or higher is recommended,

These alternators come with a 7 grrove pulley of your choice. Please select Pulley size from configurator when purchasing from the drop down menu.

If belt slip becomes an issue, a free spinning backside idler pulley must be mounted next to the alternator pulley to force the alternator drive belt to wrap further around the alternator pulley, increasing contact surface area, and drive belt tension at the same time.

RED Winches recomends at least a 150 degree belt wrap on the alternator, ideallly you should aim for as close to 180 degrees or better.


In high RPM racing applications, a less than 3:1 ratio (between crank pulley and alternator pulley) may be desired to prevent the alternator from exceeding it’s maximum recommended operating RPM of 20,000 RPM. Please check your crank pulley and calculate what your engine speed can go to. Ensuring the alternator never goes above 20,000rpm.

Two different alternator pulley diameters are available and can be selected at purchase from the pull down menu, be sure to consult with RED Winches if you are unsure which diamter to use.

Clockwise rotation is how they must operate for proper cooling.


Using the properly sized alternator charge cables is absolutely necessary for proper charging system performance.

Using alternator charge or ground cables that are too small for the amount of current that the alternator produces may restrict alternator current flow, and in extreme cases, could cause a fire.

It is perfectly acceptable to leave smaller OEM charge and ground cables in place, as long as properly sized supplemental cables are added for positive and ground connections, running directly from the alternator housing to the positive and negative terminals of the battery.

Ideally for this alternator as a minimum a high capacity copper cable of 8mm in diameter or with a 38mm2 cross sectional area should be used.


All RED Winch alternators are backed by a 12 month performance guarantee against manufacturers defect.

More output at idle for powerfull charging at all times

High Output 12v @ 200A,

Clockwise rotation is how they must operate for proper cooling.

Charging @ Low RPM

Cold, you will get 180A @1000rpm engine speed,

Hot you will get 160A.

Based on a 3:1 pulley ratio between your crank and the alternator.


The Legal bit……

The 12 month performance gaurantee covers defects in materials and workmanship including replacement parts and labor to repair the unit for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase.

Expenses for repairs performed by the customer or another party without the express written permission of RED Winches will not be re-imbursed or warrantied by RED Winches.

Expenses incurred for installation or removal of the alternator or accessories are not covered by the warranty.

The 12 month performance guarantee will be VOID if the unit is physically abused, misused, improperly installed, not serviced properly or is not used in the original application it was built for.

This warranty is NON-TRANSFERRABLE. A copy of your original invoice and initial product registration is required to receive warranty service.

The customer is responsible for any and all shipping costs for the alternator to and from the RED WInch facility