4T Rated Bow Shackle With SHP Insert


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4T WLL Bow Shackle

Forged Steel Construction with synthetic insert to improve the bend radius when used with synthetic rope such as soft shackles or soft eyes.

Do not use to suspend loads in a hoist situation, this is for winch and recovery only.

An essential piece of 4WD recovery gear, useful in many applications for safe and secure attachment.

Attaches to vehicle chassis or structural recovery point as a towing or recovery aid.

Drop forged, high strength steel with a WLL rating (Working Load Limit) of 4 Tonnes / 4000kg / 8,800 lbs – Factor of Safety 4:1

Its painted body and pin adds a professional touch and looks much better for road going overland trucks.

Drop Forged Steel Construction

Working Load Limit: 4T / 4000kg / 8,800 llbs

Factor of Safety 4:1

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