One of the simplest yet most versatile pieces of equipment you can have in your recovery kit, the roots of a soft shackle go back to sailers in the 1800 tying knots in ropes to connect things. When the industrial revolution started, rope and knots were replaced with steel and wire. Things have come back around, with the creation of polyethylene rope, soft shackles are now high strength, lightweight, buoyant and they cause less damage to kit and people if they fail. They have a multitude of uses and don’t rust or degrade as quickly as their metal counterparts.

Our soft shackles have been extensively tested and this has shown us that using larger diameter ropes to construct the soft shackle works best with recovery situations, giving much bigger factors of safety in the line and a more practical feel to them. The larger diameter ropes also work best with our snatch rings, offering very little resistance around the ring when being used. Less resistance resulting in less heat. In practice with the snatch rings the larger diameter you can use, the less heat is generated to such a degree the 16mm we recommend generated hardly no heat at all when used with the larger snatch Ring.

We stock four sizes of soft shackle, all constructed from 12 Strand UHMWP.

9mm Rope Diameter: MBS – 136KN – 13,868kg – 30,573lbsBUY NOW

10mm Rope Diameter: MBS – 165KN – 16,825kg – 37,092lbs- BUY NOW

14mm Rope Diameter: MBS 292KN – 29,775kg – 65,642lbs – BUY NOW

20mm Rope Diameter: MBS 50T, 500kN, 112,400Lb BUY NOW

The 20mm soft shackle was designed as a special order from a group who required a minimum  breaking strain of 50T. To achieve this 20mm rope was required but the traditional monkey fist knot proved difficult with such large rope so this hybrid shackle design was created using a metal dog bone in place of the knot.

A soft shackle does not need a sheath or sleeve on it, especially when used with a snatch ring, as this outer sleeve does not work well under friction unlike the rope, which does. However, we can supply wear sleeves to protect your soft shackle if you are using them around other objects but the S-Ring should never be run on the sleeve.

If you have any questions regarding which of our products might best suit your needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’d be happy to discuss your options.