The original winch that started it all. Twin speed planetary gearbox, military grade design. Proven in the harshest of environments around the world.

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Warrior Winch System

The Warrior Winch System is the gearbox driven twin speed system designed to meet the needs of serious off-road events and situations a vehicle may encounter when offroad. Its power and twin speed ability will remain constant throughout the winching process. The second high speed pulling gear gives an added dimension to your winching experience.

The Warrior Mil Spec winch is part of a group of winches that have undergone extensive military testing and are fitted to various military vehicles.

This twin speed winch is based on the very succesful winch supplied to Supacat

This professional, precision engineered high performance, twin speed winch makes for a versatile workhorse. Unlike many other winches on the market It is extremely capable of pulling in both gears due to the double planetary gear system. Both gears have impressive pulling capacities now available within a small compact size (engineered to meet J706 standards). 

Winch Hydraulics

The winch is driven via a 150cc hydraulic motor supplied with 2 x ½" BSP ports 'A' & 'B'. 

A solenoid valve can be supplied to control this winch. Various products can be supplied to control the solenoid valve remotely. From a dash mounted switch to a wireless remote, please ask for details. 

Winch Drive System

The winch drum is unpainted on the core to support the capstan effect performed on the drum by the rope tightening under load. During trials this has been shown to give a much better long lasting grip onto the drum. A minimum of eight (8) wraps of the drum must be seen on the first layer before winching under load.

Drum Capacity & Pulling Material

  • Maximum length of 30m (90ft) of 12mm diameter synthetic rope
  • All rope variants can be supplied, please ask for details
  • Wire rope can be supplied, please ask for details


Twin speed planetary gearing with two fully usable rated pulling gears. The ratio of the gears: Low Gear – 6:1, High Gear – 2.25:1

The high gear is used for recovering the line but can also be used as a high speed pulling gear. Some winches available have a second gear but is normally a 1:1 ratio and is not part of a robust gearbox system and has little use as a practical pulling gear. The Red Winch high speed gear is driven through a gearbox for power, reliability and durability.

Performance Data - High Speed Line Pull Selection

At 200 Bar Hydraulic Pressure at 26 L/min (assumed engine speed of 1000rpm):

1st Wrap 4500kg
1st Wrap Line Speed 7m/min (21ft/min)
4th Wrap 2500kg
4th Wrap Line Speed 10m/min (30ft/min)

High Gear - 200 Bar Hydraulic Pressure at 20 L/min (assumed engine speed of 1000rpm):

1st Wrap 2250kg
1st Wrap Line Speed 16m/min (48ft/min)
4th Wrap 1800kg
4th Wrap Line Speed 24m/min (72ft/min)

Braked Data

The winch can have a braked unit fitted, adding even more control. Please ask for more details if interested in this option. 

Important Note:

Any hydraulic system on your truck should be fitted by a qualified hydraulic engineer or company.

The hydraulic system must be fully tested and approved or passed fully correct or operational prior to using it in any competition.

The instuctions given by Red Winches on systems are for guidance only