Rear Axle Disc Brake Conversion - LR
Disc Conv Bracket

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Rear Axle - 4 Pot Calliper

Mounting Bracket

Due to demand we are now supplying a Landrover Defender/ Discovery Rear axle brake converison for a 4 Pot Calliper.

Essentially you can now use the much stronger and more powerful front LR 4 Pot brake Calliper on the rear axle.

Fitting instructions (See Images and also document in Datasheet tab to download)

1) Strip the hub from the stub axle and remove the three bolts on the opposite side of the axle to the original calliper mounting points.
Replace these bolts with the three longer bolts in the kit.
It may be necessary to use an M10x1.5mm tap to clear the thread all the way through the axle.
Once the bolts are fitted and tightened to the correct torque, refit the hub, to check alignment at the next stage. It may be necessary to remove it again, so just go as far as fitting the first washer to the stub axle.

2) Test fit the bracket. Check that it sits flat and square to the brake disk. This is crucial.

The finish of each axle differs, it is necessary to ensure that;

a) The area where the bolt protrudes is flat and parallel to the brake disc. (red area)
b) The area between the bolt and the axle tube does not foul the calliper mounting bracket. (blue area)

As required, remove the hub and bolts to allow access to the axle tube so that adjustments can be made. 

3) It may be necessary to remove some of the material from the calliper bracket where it meets the curved section of the axle tube. This can be done with an angle grinder or file. Remove only as much material as is necessary. Re-fit to the axle to test often, so as not to remove excess material.

4) Fit the calliper to the bracket, placing one of each thickness of washer between the bracket and the calliper. Ensure the bleed nipple is at the top and the brake line connection is at the bottom. Mounting the calliper on the front of the axle increases the risk of the brake pipe being damaged when driving forward.

We recommend 90 degree banjo fittings, which keep the fitting compact and close to the calliper.

The kit includes the following parts;

2x calliper mounting brackets
4x calliper mounting bolts
4x thick spacer washers
4x thin spacer washers
6x replacement stub axle M10 bolts
6x M10 lock nuts
6x M10 washers


Legal Bit:

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