Brake Pads (Pair)
(2off) - for use in Air Brakes ABU-MD-07

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£28.00 ex VAT

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A pair of Brake Pads (2off) for use in our Air Brakes, pads only.

These brake discs use high strength, low wear material ideally suited for heavy high speed winching.

The pads are easily replaceable by flipping the old ones off and just pressing the new ones onto the brass drive pins.

Hornet has 2 Air Brakes, so 2 sets will be needed to replace them all.

Cobra, Viper, Atom have 1 Air Brake so only 1 set will be needed.

Brake Material should last at least one winch season before needing replacing.

Old used pads must all be repalced at the same time, do not mix old pads with new ones.

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