11mm Plasma Rope Extension
THE ULTIMATE WINCH ROPE 11mm Plasma Rope Extension

Plasma® 12 Strand is the highest strength synthetic rope available.
Default price listed is for a 30m long rope with competition hook

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11mm diameter Rope Extension (27.5m / 90ft)

A very good way to give you that extra capacity without the need of a larger drum

Plasma® 12 Strand is the highest strength synthetic rope available. Plasma® 12 Strand is manufactured from high performance Honeywell Spectra 900® Fiber that has been enhanced by Cortland's patented recrystallization process. Plasma® 12 strand is supplied with our standard polyurethane finish, although other coatings can be applied to suit specific applications, and is easily spliced.


Lowest stretch

Low creep

Soft hand

Torque free

Easy splicing

Neutrally buoyant in water

Select sizes are ABS & DNV type approved





Plasma® 12 strand


Cortland manufactures a wide range of high performance synthetic fiber Winch Lines, including vehicle recovery winch lines, ATV winch lines and tow ropes. We also manufacture utility winch lines for pulling overhead power lines and setting poles and transformers. Lighter than steel and easier on the hands, Cortland's synthetic fiber lines spool up flat and pull off the drum easier than steel. Safer, lighter, and easier than steel, trust synthetic fiber winch lines from Cortland.