Supercharger 12v to 24v


£500.00 ex VAT £600.00

A RED Winch designed unit that allows you to switch the power to your winch between 12v & 24v

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The Supercharger Unit

Red winches’ Supercharger product has been designed and developed with 4×4 competition in the fore-front of our mind.

The Supercharger unit gives you the ability to run 12v and 24v from the 12v setup on your truck for single motor and twin motor winches.

The unit comes in our trademark black and anodised red colour scheme and all design features are ideally suited to high performance motorsports events.

All RED winch products go through an extensive design and testing program before going on sale and the Supercharger unit is no exception.

The Best bits …

1. Compact & Lightweight

2. Fully Waterproof to IP68 with a breather port

3. Fuse protected and rated at 500A normal use, 750A Peak (30secs)

4. Fix your own length cabling

5. Provides constant 24v supply so you can winch in and out on 24v

6. Easy fitting and electrical connections


Please note; the Supercharger is NOT suitable for use with Quad motor winches.


Supercharger: 7kg

Shipping dimensions: 400mm x 400mm x 200mm

The bit you need to remember

When in 24v mode the auxiliary battery is not being charged

We recommend Odyssey PC 1750 batteries to give you the best possible setup and longevity from your system