FM12 Mechanical Advantage Recovery System

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The FM-12

This recovery product was developed to find a compact, high rated solution for those vehicles that are on the large size of life that cant really self recover when in trouble.

We have all seen winches on the front of the larger overland or commercial trucks, knowing that in real world conditions, without some mechanical advantage or heavy help, the winch itself would never recover the vehicle all on its own.

What this “Force Multiplier” pulley system does is allow a normal road going vehicle either using its own winch or by driving / towing the rope to recover a much larger vehicle… so when in trouble, and you need recovering, the next guy you manage to flag down could have a Flatbed, Ranger, Audi Q7, Amarok, or even a road car….etc, etc… rather than not being able to help your stranded truck, they now can with this product… allowing pretty much anybody passing to now help you, rather than only a select few with larger vehicles…….

Our RED Winch “FM-12” offers a class leading, high rated, lightweight recovery package that can be used in conjunction with a winch or with a second vehicle if no winch is available.

The system makes use of mechanical advantage to give a 4 to 1 or 5 to 1 force multiplication depending on the rigging orientation. Please see download for more information on rigging and forces.

It can also be used as a traditional snatch or pulley block, in a 2:1 configuration.

Making this a very versatile recovery product to carry.

In use we have found the recovery line / rope to use with the FM12 is a synthetic rope extension with a small soft loop at both ends. For attaching the rope to the bottom pulley we recommend our 9mm soft shackle rated at MBS – 136KN – 13,868kg – 30,573lbs

To secure the load bearing top rings to the casualty vehicle and to the anchor point or recovery vehicle we recommend using our 10mm soft shackle rated at MBS – 165KN – 16,825kg – 37,092lbs

The Advantages

The FM-12 is fully field serviceable requiring only 2 hex tools. The pulleys run on self lubricating bearings. All steel parts are zinc plated for corrosion resistance.

It is easy to store in your truck, supplied in a ABS plastic case with foam inserts.

The FM-12 has been extensively tested by RED WINCHES and destruction tested by a independent LOLAR facility.

Sizes / Strength

  • MBS 120KN (12t / 26,455lbs)

This is the minimum breaking strength between the two main recovery points)

  • Weight 7.5KG
  • Rope Running Diameter: 10-14mm
  • Soft Shackle Rope Diameter, Top Pulley: 10-14mm
  • Soft Shackle Rope Diameter, Bottom Pulley: 9-10mm

This “FM-12” is published and rated / certified to the figures above.

WARNING: This product is not to be used with steel D-Shackles or Bow Shackles. Only Soft Shackles should be used


Tough, practical, quick, safe and with multiple uses

The  “Force Multiplier”  FM12 pulley system has become a vital part of your recovery kit in the field.


Sizes Materials
RED Winch offers these fiddle blocks in 120kn (12T) and 240kn (24T) versions

This page / item is for the 120kN (12T) version

When using soft shackles we recomend at least an 8″ or 200mm diameter loop. This loop size is much easier to work with when using our Fiddle Blocks.

Many soft shackles are made too small for practical use. the 200mm loop is ideal for all situations.


7075 T6 Aluminium Alloy, Hard Anodised, Laser Marked

Side plate

Engraved zinc plated steel

Product Downloads

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