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This motor has been developed and designed by RED Winches to suport  offroad sports and offroad activities

Under real world testing it has proven to be a powerful motor with very good speed and power.

Ideal for a new build or an upgrade for your older winch motor that might be startign to slow or suffer

Build features:

  • Heavy duty brush pack, for those that want to over-volt
  • Dedicated mounting holes on the rear of the motor end plate for your motor solenoid
  • Flat rear cover, allowing mounting of the motor solenoid easier
  • High quality, robust commutator and brush setup

Where do we use the LYNX

The LYNX motor can be fitted to all RED Winch products.

The LYNX Motor will  fit the orginal Hornet1 along with nearly all other competition and offroad winches currently on the market

The LYNX Motor can fit winches that have traditional motors already fitted, like the the XP or BOW2, BOW1… etc…

If unsure about fitment, plesae email us to check if it will fit:

It will fit onto your winch using either M6 location bolts or 1/4 UNC (both supplied with kit)

Motor Control Solenoid

If you are after a motor control solenoid to control this motor, we also sell them, manufactured by Albright

The control voltage selection of an Albright solenoid (12v or 24v) is for the directional control voltage that wil be used / applied to the 3 spade terminals on the front of the Albright.

The Albright power terminals on top can transmit 12v & 24v through them as standard.

Motor Data

Voltage: 12v
Power: 6 hp
Torque: 14Nm
No Load Speed: 11,800rpm
Max Amp Draw: 438A
Real World Testing Results


This is a term used more frequently over the last few years, and many of the competition teams now do this to their motors and winch setup.

This is where you apply 24vDC power to a 12vDC rated motor. This is known as “Overvolting”.

The Lynx Motor can be “Overvolted”, but comes with warnings and operational guides, as shown below:

  • The manufacture does not recommend doing this, as it puts extra load and speed into the motor it was not designed for.
  • “Overvolted” motors are not covered by any warranty, claims for motor damage can be investigated but not supported in competition use.
  • “Overvolted” motors must be maintained and serviced regularly, at least every 3 Events.
  • “Overvolted” motors must not be run continuously under no load conditions (winding rope in or our), the longer they are run the faster they will go, too fast and they can go above 20,000rpm and mechanical damage will occur at this speed. When little or no load is on the motors, always operate the motors in short bursts. Bursts can be 10-15m or rope a time onto the drum.
  • “Overvolted” motors still draw the same AMPS as non-overvolted motors. 12v on 12v = 24v on 12v, some people think the AMPS are halved, they are not. Your winch can draw 900A in an extreme pull with a twin motor setup. So be warned, make sure all the electrical elements in your winch system can support and cope with this level of AMP draw.

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