EXPLORER 2 (24v)
4,500kg (10,000 lbs)


The second generation of the ultimate precision engineered low line winch.

Before being able to purchase you will need to configure your 24v DC Explorer 2

Build lead time: 2 to 3 weeks

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  • EXPLORER 2 (24v)
    4,500kg (10,000 lbs)



This page is for our 24v version of the Explorer 2 fitted with our STANDARD gearbox where the winch motor voltage and the winch in and winch out signal voltage from your vehicle are all 24v dc.

The Explorer2 is an excellent choice when it comes to the best electric winch for your on-road, Expedition, weekend trip or full spec off-road vehicle.

RED Winches has designed and developed this winch for serious use and it is just as happy on a road-going vehicle as it is on a fully equipped and prepared 4×4 / recovery truck.

All products at RED winches have been through an extensive design and testing program. With many of them having military testing behind them also. We do all this before going on sale so you can use all our winches with confidence, knowing they will not let you down.

This Explorer 2 like all our engineered winches has the famous RED Winch air brake system, meaning the winch stops instantly when you take your finger off the winch button.

The winch is controlled from a CNC machined black control box, that can be mounted on the winch or remotely in your engine bay or under your seat if you so wish. Remote mounting gives the winch a low profile appearance which is ideal for some winch bumpers or discrete mount options.


This page is for our 24v version of our Explorer 2 where the motor power voltage and the winch in and winch out signal voltage are both 24v dc.

To handle the power this winch can deliver in all its options, the winch body is fully CNC machined from high-grade heat treated aluminium and from solid aluminium billets. No castings or injection mouldings are used. Protecting your investment in this winch from cracked housings or mountings.
We only use the best machine tools and machining processes on modern machines to ensure tolerances and stress in the parts is kept to a minimum and strength to its maximum.


The 24v Explorer 2 winch on this page is fitted with the Standard Gearbox which will give you the following performance when winching from 1st layer on the winch drum:

Explorer 2 – Standard

Rated Pull: 4500kg (10,000 lbs)

Gearbox ratio:   185:1

Average line speed over 30m (100ft):  14 M/Min

The Explorer 2 can also come with other gearbox options, as shown below.


The drum is steel in construction, precision machined to run true and smoothly within its drum bearings. The drum runs between two drum seals (one each end), making the winch watertight and allowing the end-user to operate the winch underwater. The drum bearings are behind the drum seals and are free-running ball bearings, and filled with waterproof grease as an added second barrier from water ingress.

The drum can accept the following lengths and sizes of rope:


The Std drum can hold 36m of 10mm plasma or synthetic rope.

The Std drum can hold 30m of 11mm plasma or synthetic rope.

The Std drum can hold 25m of 12mm plasma or synthetic rope.

Explorer2 XL DRUM:

The XL drum can hold 60m of 10mm plasma or synthetic rope.

The XL drum can hold 48m of 11mm plasma or synthetic rope.

The XL drum can hold 36m of 12mm plasma or synthetic rope.


Attaching the rope to the drum is done using a plasma lock.

Which comes free with every winch purchased.

Please see link below:



Spring pressure applies a steel disc to the brake material when the winch is not in use.
This applies the brake and stops the winch from spooling out, this is a fail-safe system.

If you have a loss of power or air, the winch will stop and hold the weight of your vehicle.

When you winch in or out you engage your motor solenoid, this same signal also energises the air solenoid valve for the brake. This then allows air to go into a specially designed chamber that releases the brake instantly. When you remove your winching finger from the controls the air solenoid dumps the air and the springs apply the brake disc back onto the brake pads.

One nice feature we strongly recommend is when you are lowering out you can switch your power isolator off to the winch (no power to the motors) and just use the winch out button/rocker switch. This still will activate the air solenoid (using signal voltage) and releases the brake and your vehicle and only pulls out rope for the amount of drop your vehicle needs or moves. This means compared to normal winching you do not get overrun or excess rope causing hard snatching and jerking as the vehicle takes up the slack rope that has been spooled out. The air brakes also have a gradual on and off action to them. The brake can be adjusted for the weight of your vehicle or how you like your brake to operate, by adding or removing springs.

We would expect a set of brake pads to last at least 24 months under regular use due to the material they are made from. Brake pad sets and all spare parts can be ordered if needed.


Winch mounted or remotely mounted control box

Anodised finish.

RED Winch air brake system

Ox motor – The ultimate winch motor

Air solenoid for automatic brake operation

Albright heavy-duty motor control solenoid

Efficient, low resistance copper bus bar system

Aluminium fairlead – Much better for your synthetic rope

As with all our winches, the Explorer2 winch does not come with a rope, this has to be purchased separately.


Explorer 2 – Standard, Adventure, Titan Gearbox Options

Std Drum length

Winch Nett Weight: 37kg, Gross Weight: 43kg

XL Drum Length

Nett Weight: 38kg, Gross Weight: 44kg

Box Size: 710mm x 310mm x 420mm

Box Size: 28” x 12.5” x 16.5”


We are confident to stand behind our products.

All RED Winches are backed with a 2-year mechanical warranty. This covers all mechanical parts.

Wearing parts, bearings, brake pads, etc are excluded, as are electrical components, motors and solenoid packs


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The 12v electrical power behind this winch is currently supplied by our mighty OX motor via your vehicle electrical system. For this 12v version of the Explorer 2 you will need a strong 12v DC supply from your vehicle. The Albright motor solenoid fitted inside the black control box is used to switch direction of the motor and to also provide a feed to the 12v air brake air solenoid. These are all proven components and widely available and have been used extensively in the competition and motorsport industry by RED Winches for many years.

Pulling power of the winch can be variable due to the quality and capacity of the electrical winch system on your vehicle and the quality of the components used. Combine this with the scale of electrical losses or inefficiencies in the wiring systems.

We always test with two 85Ah batteries as a minimum, giving a 12V DC supply.

Power (+) and ground (-) connections using 50mm2 cable as a minimum.


You will only need a small compressor on your vehicle to run this winch.
This will supply the air brake with enough air to operate

5 bar (70psi) is all you will need to operate the winch, maximum 8 bar.
No air tank is needed, but is generally a good idea if you want to use your compressor for other features like inflating tyres or other equipment.
As a guide, an ARB CKSA12 compressor is a good option.


The drum can hold 30m (90ft) of 11mm synthetic rope, which is the most common size for this winch. Other sizes and options are available, please see winch configuration options. PLEASE NOTE this winch is not to be used with steel wire rope.

Line pulling power with electric winches as you probably know depends heavily on the quality of your electrical setup on your vehicle.

We recommend a good 12v alternator (180A as a minimum) charging the winch batteries.
Two batteries of a minimum of 75Ah capacity each, giving you the 12v DC supply you need.
At least 50mm² high quality, high load electrical cable, 70mm² is recommended.
Clean electrical joints and if in areas prone to water joints should have conductive grease applied.

All our winches are now supplied with Plasma Locks to hold the rope onto the drum, proven and very reliable. They are a simple solution to ensure you always have the minimum amount of line wraps on your winch drum. With the Plasma Lock installed you can pull your line to your anchor point with confidence that it won’t leave you without any line on the drum and come off in your hand. The Plasma lock has been designed for a variety of line gauges and you can feel confident that at least 8-10 wraps remain on your drum, reducing greatly the chances of a slippage. Supplied free of charge with every winch:


The gearbox has been specifically designed for strength, power and ease of service. All gears are manufactured from 655-M13 nickel chromium molybdenum steel with excellent durability. The gearbox runs in grease not oil making it much easier to service in the field.

The gearbox main ring gear runs within a large plain bearing, giving the Explorer 2 a world class drum freespool operation.


The Explorer has been designed with all off-roading in mind.

Ease of servicing was one of the top priorities at RED Winches.

The Air brake system is behind the end cover, very easy to access in a matter of minutes.


We are confident to stand behind our products in competition use. All RED Winch Explorers are backed with a 2-year mechanical warranty. This covers all mechanical parts. Wearing parts, bearings, brake pads etc are excluded, as are electrical components, motors and solenoid packs


The length of cable you spool out also affects the power of the pull.

All electric winches are rated based on only one full wrap left on the drum or bottom layer as some call it.

The less line you reel out, the less power you’ll get.

For a maximum pull from your winching situation, unwind enough cable to leave only one layer on the drum. If your anchor point is too close to spool out enough rope, double the line with a Snatch Block or Snatch Ring.

Another trick to squeeze the most power out of your winch is to get the stuck vehicle rolling. A rolling load feeds and helps the momentum of the initial pull and eases the strain on your winch. Before starting the recovery, dig out around the tires or build a rock ramp to give the stuck vehicle some traction as it begins to move.

As your winch works harder, it generates more heat. In order to prevent overheating keep an eye on the temperature of the motor, take breaks if you’re pulling over a long distance and let the motor cool before starting again. Heat in the motor is generated from power being drawn from your batteries, the lower the voltage on your batteries the hotter the motor will get. DO NOT winch hard if your voltage is not at 24v or more. If it drops below 21.5v while winching then you need to stop winching and wait for your batteries to recover.

Winching places a heavy load on your electrical system, so keep your engine running to prevent a complete drain of your batteries. In some cases, a stock battery may not provide enough capacity to power a heavy winching at maximum pull. Some Off-road / 4×4 people swap the stock battery for a heavy duty one, or they install a second battery solely to help with the deep cycle winching puts on batteries and to help the capacity of the electrical system.

Your winch has incredible potential if you know how to get the most power out of it


This winch is part of a range of winches produced by RED Winches Ltd that are designed for high speed and high power. This winch will pull rope onto its drum quicker than most winches and with good power.

If operated without care and attention this winch could easily damage fingers, hands and in some cases eyesight.

The winch is powered by DC voltage. The current draw on this DC voltage can be high so care and attention must be taken when operating the winch that the electrical power to the motors is not exposed to the operator.
The winch should only be operated by a person who has been authorised to do so or has been trained and responsible to operate it safely.



Ensure all fasteners and connections are adequately connected or secured before using the winch
Maintain the equipment in good condition (use an authorised servicing agent if required)
Replace or repair damaged parts.
Use genuine parts only. Unauthorised parts may be dangerous and will invalidate any warranty.
Use a qualified person to lubricate if required and maintain the equipment.
Before use, ensure all parts are clean and free of contamination / dirt.
DO NOT use solvent cleaners to clean this winch, clean soapy water only.

DO NOT use high pressure jets on the joints of this winch, wash with sponge only.

Use the equipment in a suitable work or operational area, keep winching controls clean and tidy and free from contaminating materials, and ensure that there is adequate lighting while setting and operating the winch.

Keep the winch and winch rope clean for best and safest performance.
DO NOT exceed the rated capacity of the winch, asses your recovery prior to doing it

When operating remove any ill-fitting clothing. Remove ties, watches, rings and other loose jewellery, and contain long hair.
Maintain correct balance and footing, do not overreach.

Ensure the floor / ground is not slippery and wear appropriate footwear.
Before using the winch check that there are no overhead or surrounding obstructions.
The speed during operation must be kept steady and constant.

DO NOT generate sudden movements or shock loads.
DO NOT use the winch for a task it is not designed to perform.

DO NOT use this winch as a lifting device, it is not a hoist.
DO NOT use the equipment if damaged.
DO NOT exceed the rated capacity of the equipment.
DO NOT use the equipment when you are tired or under the influence of alcohol, drugs or intoxicating medication.
DO NOT allow untrained persons to use the equipment unsupervised
DO NOT make any modifications to the equipment

DO NOT use this winch with steel wire rope

DO NOT operate the winch and handle the synthetic rope without approved
winching gloves and appropriate PSE

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