CrawlMaster Pro 550 12t


£87.49 ex VAT £104.99

5 Slot hand wound high performance motor.


When you need a quality brushed motor, there is no finer than a Pro Handwound from Holmes! The CrawlMaster series offers unequaled startup control and sets the gold standard for Rock Crawling motors.


550 size provides extra torque and power

Hand wound at Holmes Hobbies for highest performance

5 slot armature maximizes smoothness, efficiency, and offers unequaled startup

Epoxy balanced armature ensures maximum torque, efficiency, and startup smoothness

Silver brazed commutator connections allow higher tempurature operation

Vacuum dipped armatures withstand high RPMs without failure

Gold-plated copper brush hoods to resist corrosion and provide lowest resistance

Aluminum heatsinks shed heat

Filter PCB reduces EMF noise

Brush damper reduces noise and arcing

Can – 1.4mm thick uninterrupted back iron

High-power FB12 ceramic wet magnets maximize torque and efficiency

Dual Japanese Ball bearings

Adjustable timing

Holmes XX springs for consistent drag brake

Holmes Soft Copper brushes for high torque and longest motor life

Broken in for immediate installation and use

Every brushed motor carries a 30 day warranty to cover manufacturing defects. Damage caused by improper gearing is not covered under warranty.


12 turn five slot / 20,000 RPM @12v (estimated) @ 12 degrees timing

216 grams

36mm OD x 60mm length (not including shaft)

1/8″ diameter D shaft

1″ (25.4mm) mounting pattern for M3 screws

6-9 cell nimh, 2-3s Lithium

23mm OD x 29mm length rotor

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