Speed and power for your UTV/ATV in this high performance compact electric winch.

Before being able to purchase you will need to configure your Atom2.

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Compact, Powerful and Fast!

Designed primarily for the UTV vehicles such as the Can Am X3 and Polaris RZR the ATOM2 winch is capable of being used in the most demanding conditions.

The ATOM2 is an excellent choice for high speed and power when it comes to the best competition single motor electric winch for your UTV vehicle.

RED Winches has designed and developed this high performance Mil Spec winch for 4×4 competition use and serious motorsport events.

All products at RED winches have been through an extensive design and testing program before going on sale so you can use all our winches with confidence they will not let you down (engineered to meet J706 standards).

Atom2 Drum is capable of holding:

30m length of 8mm diameter synthetic rope

40m length of 6mm  diameter synthetic rope


  • ATOM2 winch in anodised finish
  • Albright Heavy Duty DC88 Solenoids x 1
  • Hard anodised Aluminium fairlead (Included with Price)

As with all our winches, the ATOM2 winch does not come with a rope, this has to be purchased separately.


  • 24.7M/MIN – 81’/Min


  • 1,500KG (3,300lbs)

Ideal for your UTV, this winch can easily get you out of trouble very quickly, quietly, and with minimum effort time and time again.

The winch body is CNC machined from high-grade heat treated aluminium from solid billets. We only use the best machine tools and machining processes to ensure stress is kept to a minimum and strength to its maximum. With class leading rope capacity and speed the ATOM2 offers something previously unavailable on a winch to the off-road and motor sport sectors.


The Atom2 has 2 options for the free-spool mechanism.

  • Manual Free-Spool
  • Air Free-Spool

Manual Free-Spool

Operated by a lever on the end of the winch housing;

Rotating the lever through 90 degrees moves a large dog clutch in and out engaging and disengaging drive to the drum. When the free-spool is engaged the drum is fully released from the drive mechanism resulting in very minimal force being needed to pull the rope from the drum.

Air Free-Spool

Requiring a switched compressed air supply;

A piston on the end of the winch housing moves a large dog clutch in and out engaging and disengaging drive to the drum. When the free-spool is engaged the drum is fully released from the drive mechanism resulting in very minimal force being needed to pull the rope from the drum.

With the Air free-spool;

The winch drum is always engaged under spring pressure until air pressure is applied which pulls back the dog clutch and allows the drum to freely rotate.

When the air is off the spring will re-engage the dog clutch.

The drive is provided by a large splined drive shaft.


The Atom2 has 2 options for the brake mechanism.

  • Mechanical Brake
  • Air Brake Unit

Mechanical Brake

The Atom2 can be fitted with a  modern bi directional friction brake positioned between the motor and the gear housing, running between a set of bearings for precise concentricity, reducing heat and increasing braking forces. Unlike some of our other winches, the Atom2 with mechanical brake does not need any separate air supply to operate.


Requiring a compressed air supply;

Spring pressure applies a steel disc to the brake material when the winch is not in use.
This applies the brake and stops the winch from spooling out, this is a fail-safe system.

If you have a loss of power or air, the winch will stop and hold the weight of your vehicle.

When you winch in or out you engage your motor solenoid, this same signal also energises the air solenoid valve for the brake. This then allows air to go into a specially designed chamber that releases the brake instantly. When you remove your winching finger from the controls the air solenoid dumps the air and the springs apply the brake disc back onto the brake pads.

One nice feature we strongly recommend is when you are lowering out you can switch your power isolator off to the winch (no power to the motors) and just use the winch out button/rocker switch. This still will activate the air solenoid (using signal voltage) and releases the brake and your vehicle and only pulls out rope for the amount of drop your vehicle needs or moves. This means compared to normal winching you do not get overrun or excess rope causing hard snatching and jerking as the vehicle takes up the slack rope that has been spooled out. The air brakes also have a gradual on and off action to them. The brake can be adjusted for the weight of your vehicle or how you like your brake to operate, by adding or removing springs.

We would expect a set of brake pads to last at least 24 months under regular use due to the material they are made from. Brake pad sets and all spare parts can be ordered if needed.


We are confident to stand behind our products in competition use.

All RED Winches are backed with a 2-year mechanical warranty. This covers all mechanical parts.

Wearing parts, bearings, brake pads, etc are excluded, as are electrical components, motors and solenoid packs


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Machined in our UK factory from solid billet high grade aluminium. Designed and engineered to meet the most demanding conditions worldwide. 


  • 24.7M/MIN – 81’/Min (24V ON 24V OX MOTOR)


  • 1,500KG (3,300 lbs) – 12V ON 12V OX MOTOR


    • Winch Weight 20kg / 44 llbs


This winch is part of a range of winches produced by RED Winches Ltd that are designed for high speed and high power. This winch will pull rope onto its drum quickly and with power. If operated without care and attention this winch could easily damage fingers, hands and in some cases eyesight.

The winch is powered by DC voltage, in most cases 12v, but also 24v systems can be used to power the winch. The current draw on this DC voltage can be high so care and attention must be taken when operating the winch that the electrical power to the motors is not exposed to the operator.
The winch should only be operated by a person who has been authorised to do so or has been trained and responsible to operate it safely.



Ensure all fasteners and connections are adequately connected or secured before using the winch
Maintain the equipment in good condition (use an authorised servicing agent if required)
Replace or repair damaged parts.
Use genuine parts only. Unauthorised parts may be dangerous and will invalidate any warranty.
Use a qualified person to lubricate if required and maintain the equipment.
Before use, ensure all parts are clean and free of contamination / dirt.
DO NOT use solvent cleaners to clean this winch

Use the equipment in a suitable work or operational area, keep winching controls clean and tidy and free from contaminating materials, and ensure that there is adequate lighting while setting and operating the winch.

Keep the winch and winch rope clean for best and safest performance.
DO NOT exceed this rated capacity.

When operating remove any ill-fitting clothing. Remove ties, watches, rings and other loose jewellery, and contain long hair.
Maintain correct balance and footing, do not over reach. Ensure the floor / ground is not slippery and wear appropriate footwear.
Before using the winch check that there are no overhead or surrounding obstructions.
The speed during operation must be kept steady and constant.

DO NOT generate sudden movements or shock loads.
DO NOT use the winch for a task it is not designed to perform.
DO NOT use the equipment if damaged.
DO NOT exceed the rated capacity of the equipment.
DO NOT use the equipment when you are tired or under the influence of alcohol, drugs or intoxicating medication.
DO NOT allow untrained persons to use the equipment unsupervised

DO NOT make any modifications to the equipment

DO NOT operate the winch and handle the synthetic rope without approved
winching gloves and appropriate PSE