Synthetic Recovery Equipment

High quality synthetic recovery equipment essentials including Soft Shackles, Straps, Whoopie Slings, Gloves and Bags. All our recovery equipment is specifically manufactured and engineered to the highest industry standards, thus making it your best possible choice.

Our soft shackles are available in 4 rope diameters, including the 20mm specifically designed with a minimum breaking strain of 50T.

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  • RED Winches 9MM Soft Shackle

  • RED Winches 11MM Soft Shackle

  • RED Winches 11MM Soft Shackle
    Extra long

  • RED Winches 12MM Soft Shackle

  • RED Winches 14MM Soft Shackle

  • RED Winches 16MM Soft Shackle

  • 20MM Soft Shackle

  • Rock Guard

  • Red Winches Recovery Kit Bag

  • Gloves – Winching

  • Winch Strap 11T MBS 3M

  • Kinetic Towing Strap 8T 8M

  • Tow Strap 11T MBS 3m

  • Tow Strap 11T MBS 6m

  • Tow Strap 11T MBS 10m

  • Tow Strap 12T MBS 2m

Showing 1–16 of 19 results