The very first RED Winches design was a 6.2T Hydraulic winch for the redoubtable Jackal all-terrain vehicles back in 2008. The design was updated and the capacity increased to 7.5T later and fitted to the 6×6 Coyote as well and is offered to the civilian market as the Warrior winch. What started as a small project quickly grew with the success of the vehicles with fleets owned by a number of nations including Norway and Australia. With the service life now extended we are seeing regular batches of winches being returned to base for servicing.

This week we are reassembling a batch of those very first winches as part of the ongoing service agreement. Each winch has been completely disassembled and the condition assessed with a report issued. Once the renovation has been agreed all external surfaces are shot blasted and refinished with a fresh powder coat finish, then the winch can be rebuilt with all new bearings, seals and fasteners.

Once they have been reassembled each winch will be tested for function and pulling capacity before being issued with a new certificate of conformity and returned to the MOD ready for it’s next adventure. RED Winches don’t just service our military products we carry out regular servicing on all of our products. If you would like your RED Winches serviced please drop us a message